Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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In Caramel, St. Joseph, husband of Mary blessed, it was indicated, since the origin of the Order, the special protector of chastity and virginity, by the will of God The cult, however, was definitely recommended and passed by Teresa of Jesus and his daughters. The history of Caramel, in fact, wrote beautiful pages on the figure of St. Joseph. The experience of the Holy Mother Teresa, who in the Book of Life experiences its support and recommend their religion, lives in Caramel today. Even more impressive is the preference of Teresa because, by his own admission, was not fond of devotions:
I was never brought to certain devotions that some practitioners, especially women, into which they enter ceremonies that I do not know what I never could suffer and that they like so much ... . But I took as a lawyer S. Joseph and commended me to him with fervor. My father and protector helped me where I was in need and in many other more serious was at stake in my honor and the salvation of my soul. I saw clearly that his help was always greater than I dared hope. So far I do not remember having ever asked a favor without having obtained immediately ... For other saints, it seems that God has granted to help us in this or that other needs, as I experienced that the glorious St. Joseph extended his patronage to all. With what the Lord wants us to understand that, like that which was subject to him in the ground, where the putative father as he could command, the same is now in heaven doing what he asks ...
Attorney celebrate the festival with the greatest possible solemnity ... For the great experience that I have favors S. Joseph, I would like everyone to persuade them to be his devotees. The people should be especially fond of prayer, because I do not know how to think about the Queen of Angels and suffered a lot from her and Child Jesus, no thank S. Joseph who was their time to help. Who did not learn from a master to prayer and take leadership for this holy and glorious not go wrong.
Since then, every Caramel, beginning with the first foundation of Teresa (St. Joseph, to be precise) had a statue of the saint to protect one of the gates of the monastery. Anna S. Bartholomew told that in Spain S. Joseph was little known before Teresa. Anne of Jesus will spread devotion in the Netherlands. Saint Therese of Lisieux recited daily prayer: "Oh : Joseph, father and protector of virgins ...!" When he visited the House of Loreto was excited by the same step on the ground that St. Joseph had scored with his sweat. "
Who bears the name of Joseph, I wish the special protection of this great saint!
(OCDS thank Stefania De Bonis, for having published this interesting article in the Bulletin of the secular community of the Province of Naples, and I am happy to broaden the spread on this blog!)


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